Georgia for Georgia gauges success by the health of the students, their graduation rates from high school and their ability to attain jobs post vocational school or university.  We have provided over 164 university and vocational school scholarships and have tracked the success of every student in gaining employment.  

Stories of Transformation:  Each of the children we support through our Sponsor A Child program has a story.  We personally know these students – and engage with them each year on our trips to Georgia – which is one of the reasons our program is unique.  If you sponsor a child, and would like an update on their story, please let us know.

I am 24, and have successfully graduated from the medical university with a major in nursing. My family is socially underprivileged. None of my family members have jobs, so they try to support themselves by working on land in the village. They couldn’t have imagined I would be able to attend University. They are so happy and thankful to the Georgia for Georgia  sponsors for giving me hope and the opportunity to study and complete the program. Now I am working as a hospital nurse. My life has changed as well as the life of my loved ones through the scholarship program support – THANK YOU!

I am 25, and there are 6 people in my family. I have 2 brothers, unemployed parents and a retired grandmother. My family is socially disadvantaged, as they do not have a stable income.  My 22 year old brother is also unemployed, and my youngest brother is at the Kitski school 3rd grade. My job and my income was really important for my family; thus, before my graduation from the university, I was privately tutoring students to help support my family. Now, after completing my university program in Math, I work as a Math teacher in one of the public schools as well as tutor students, which gives me additional income. This was a dream, which I would never have achieved without YOUR HELP!

My name is Giorgi Avalishvil and I studied at Kitski School. In 2019, I left school after 10th grade to enter vocational culinary school. It was a one year course, very costly for my family; therefore I would NEVER EVER be able to pay the fee. My family is very poor. My mother left us when I was a little boy. We lived on my disabled father and retired grandfather’s tiny state “benefit”, hardly enough for basic food. My tuition fee was totally covered by Georgia for Georgia – opening a door to my better future! I graduated from the culinary courses last May and, as one of the best students, was immediately offered a paid internship at one of the most popular restaurants Tavaduri (The Noble) in Tbilisi as a junior chef assistant. They say I have very good prospects to become a chef. How better can I THANK YOU ALL for my changed life, giving hope to my family as be a worthy man and you to be proud of my achievements!